Bergen Srl cares about the environment

We consider the environment to be a fundamental resource for our quality of life, and, as such, treat it as a key aspect of our internal policies and an important and current issue to tackle in a concrete and effective manner.

Compliance with local, national and European regulations forms the basis of our current and future strategy.
Our company is constantly working to stay up to date on new environmental regulations when setting our growth objectives.

In order to respond to the increasingly demanding needs of the market, Bergen Srl is working towards joining the AISE Charter for sustainable cleaning. This project entails vital requirements on environmental issues that will set us onto a path of awareness and knowledge so we can make our products more sustainable and lessen their impact on the environment.

At Bergen, 65% of our primary packaging (tanks/cans) is made from recycled or recyclable materials, as is 85% of our secondary packaging (cardboard boxes). At the same time, the LP gas we use is among the least polluting currently on the market.

Furthermore, the company is setting itself objectives to reduce energy consumption within the plant and to limit water consumption, raising awareness among internal and external personnel and with the future purchase of exclusively hybrid or electric company cars.