Research & Development

Research & Development

Our company has a new laboratory for chemical technology, research & development and microbiology with an area of more than 100 m². It is managed by extremely specialised technicians with demonstrable industry expertise who deftly use state-of-the-art analytical instruments to perform highly sophisticated chemical and microbiological analyses.

The laboratory carries out analyses on a daily basis to ensure quality and compliance for the products our customers use. For Bergen, this lab is our starting point for innovation and is key to maintaining the quality of the products we offer.
Our constantly growing R&D lab is one of our strengths, as it is always keeping up with new market regulations and demands.
New innovative product formulations using new raw materials are developed and new inventions are devised in our R&D department. We aim to foster collaboration between different departments in order to track projects from start to finish, from formulation to the printing run.

Our researchers are tasked to develop new products and to ensure existing products are aligned with new market demands. New formulations are tested and created in our gassing room where we can package our tanks directly in the lab.

Before manufacturing, all products with new formulations undergo quality, stability and long-term storage testing using accelerated shelf-life techniques.

We are able to support our clients from the first development of their product right up to its market launch.